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I’ve been doing a year-5 project about Tudors and I’ve been looking at the mad things that Tudors did and the mad times the Tudors had.


  1. Welcome
  2. Bad London
  3. Football?
  4. Tudor Clothes
  5. Watch out Below
  6. Help me Doctor
  7. Shakespear, Shakespare, Shakyspier, Shakespeare
  8. Thirsty? Have a Pint!
  9. Lady Jane Grey
  10. The Tudors ate some weird Food
  11. Henry VIII- Loved his Wives
  12. Cathrine Howards Ghost

I hope you like it!

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Bad London

London Crimes

Picture by Claes van Visscher

London Bridge in 1616

London was full of  narrow crowded streets. Traveling along them was dangerous as there were no police. The rich liked to travel by boat which was quicker and safer. London Bridge had fashionable houses of rich merchants and expensive shops on it. But at one end there were rotting heads of men executed for serious crimes.

The politicians and judges were rich and scared of the poor people. They thought they could stop crimes if they had strong punishments. Even stealing small things could mean a death sentence and executions were held outside of London (in what is now Hyde Park), they were very popular events to watch.

I prefer X-Factor I think!

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Sounds more Fun than Football is Today!

Tudor Football

Looks complicated

Football was very different  in Tudor England compared to the game today. There was no limit to the number of people on each side and the goalposts were set about one mile apart!

The rules also allowed you to pick up and throw the ball and to kick it into the opponent’s net. The games were rough and young men were often hurt while playing it. In 1540 Henry VIII banned banned football because he did not want the men he needed for his army to get injured.

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Tudor Clothes

Tudor Ladies had Lots of Different Underwear

The Farthingale

The Farthingale

They wore:

  • Smock or chemise –  a short shift worn under a dress
  • Stockings or hose – clothing for legs
  • Corset – a garment with bones in it, designed to tighten the waist
  • Bodice – a sleeveless vest tightly laced in front
  • Farthingale – a linen petticoat with whalebone hoops
  • Roll or Rowle – tied around the waist widening the skirt
  • Stomacher – a triangular-shaped fabric that holds the dress together
  • Petticoat – a long draw-string skirt
  • Kirtle –  an underskirt
  • Forepart – a very decorated underskirt
  • Partlet –  was a high necked top designed to cover a low-necked dress

It must have taken hours to get dressed!

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Watch Out Below

Tudor Toilets

Stay under the eves!

In Tudor times people would go to the loo anywhere even in the street or in the corner of a room. You could even rent a bucket for an hour! Poor people would clean themselves with leaves and rich people used cloths.

At Hampton Court there was a 28 seat toilet house that that everyone used. It emptied into the River  Thames.  Henry VIII had a  padded seat made with silk ribbons and golden studs.

Tudor houses had eves so that people could shelter under them to avoid the toilet waste being poured onto them.

In palaces and castles you would go to a toilet set into a cupboard in the wall (a garderobe) and the waste would drop into the moat .

I think that we are lucky we don’t have to do this anymore.

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Help me Doctor!

Our Advice to Tudors – Don’t Get Ill!

Tudor Medicines!

Tudor Medicines!

Tudor doctors had some herbs that worked but lots of their medicines were silly superstitions. Some Mad Tudor cures were:

  • Headache? –  Rub your forehead with a rope that was used to hang a criminal
  • Rheumatism? – Wear the skin of a donkey
  • Gout? – Boil a red-haired dog in oil, add worms and the marrow from pig bones. Rub the mixture in
  • Painful liver? – Drink a pint of ale every morning for a week – with nine head-lice drowned in it
  • Bald? – Shampoo with juice of crushed beetles, then rub in fat of a dead fox
  • Asthma? – Swallow young frogs or live spiders, cover them in butter to help them slide down easier

Other crazy medicines were powdered human skull, bone-marrow mixed with sweat, a stone that has killed a she-bear and fresh cream mixed with the blood of a black cat’s tail.

You would probably be on you death-bed after taking these cures! (Don’t take any at home!).

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Shakespear, Shakespare, Shakyspier, Shakespeare?

However you Spell his Name, he’s a Famous Tudor

Willaim Shakespeare (1565-1616)

William Shakespeare (1565-1616)

William Shakespeare was born and lived in Stratford Upon Avon until he was eighteen. He married Anne Hathaway then moved to London to become a poet and playwright. Shakespeare wrote his first play when he was 25 years and he became one of the greatest playwrights ever. At the time his plays were very popular events at the Globe Theatre in London. Over 400 years later many of his  plays are still performed and enjoyed. Many of his plays are now films including Romeo & Juliet, King Lear and a Midsummer Night’s Dream.  He also wrote one hundred and fifty-four sonnets.

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Thirsty? Have a Pint!

Two Beers before School!

Mine's a Gallon!

Mine's a Gallon!

It wasn’t easy getting clean drinking water in Tudor times, so even the poor chose to drink alcohol instead. Some said that adults and kids drank around a gallon of weak ale or mead (made from honey) each day! Wealthy Tudors drank wine as well as ale.

The wine came from abroad though some fruit wines were made in England. Ales were brewed with malt and water and beer also contained hops to give it a more bitter flavor. Ales and beers were sometimes flavoured with bayberries, orris, or long pepper.

Legend has it that Queen Elizabeth I drank two pints of beer with breakfast.

Wouldn’t it be funny if we all drank beer before school!

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Lady Jane Grey

Queen for a Week!

Lady Jayne, Queen for a Week

Lady Jayne, Queen for a Week (1536-1554)

Lady Jane Grey was Queen of England for 9 days in 1553.

After Edward VI died she ruled as his heir. Edward wanted to make sure his Catholic sister Mary did not take the throne.

The plan failed when Mary Tudor raised an army and took the throne for herself. Lady Jane Grey was sentenced and beheaded!

I wouldn’t want to be Queen if it meant I was beheaded in a week!

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The Tudors Ate Some Weird Food

I prefer Pizza

A Cockatrice

A Cockatrice


The Tudors loved to feast, the wealthy ones that is. In a fancy feast  to impress the King of France, Henry VIII spent about £5 million on a meat feast including 2000 sheep, 1000 chickens and a dolphin! Tudor chefs also liked to stick bits of different animals together to make a dramatic beast they called a cockatrice.




The Tudors loved blancmange but in Tudor England, blancmange was eaten as a main course, and not as a dessert. It was full of chicken meat, but during the 70 or so days a year when the Church did not allow people to eat meat, they ate blancmange made with frogs instead!

I think I will stick with Pizza!

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Henry VIII – Loved his Wives

Not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, but 6 Wives

Wives of Henry VIII

All Six Wives of Henry VIII

Henry loved his wives so much he married SIX of them. Here’s a picture:

Their names are:

  1. Catherine of Aragon
  2. Anne Boleyn
  3. Jane Seymour
  4. Anne of Cleves
  5. Kathryn Howard
  6. Katherine Parr

Theres a small poem about them:

Divorced, Beheaded, Died,

Divorced, Beheaded, Survived!!

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Catherine Howard’s Ghost

Filmed at Hampton Court?

Catherine Howard’s Ghost has been seen around Hampton Court in the Haunted Galleries. Here’s some CCTV film showing her closing the doors.

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